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Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences in the life of a man or woman, especially if a custody dispute is involved. Rockland County, New York divorce lawyer Ellen Holtzman's 20+ years of experience and her wealth of legal knowledge can't make your divorce painless, but her personal approach and the wisdom gained through experience can certainly make the process less difficult.

A Statewide Reputation in Family Law

Known and respected statewide, Ellen Holtzman is a Past President of the Women's Bar Association of the State of New York. Her cases range from relatively straightforward divorces to complex interstate custody, relocation actions, non-traditional families, grandparents rights, major asset distribution matters, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Contested and Uncontested Divorces

Ellen's reputation for results brings clients from all walks of life to her offices. Many professionals, including doctors, lawyers, accountants, business owners, and well-known authors and entertainers seek Ellen's help in protecting their rights and assets. Ellen also represents many salaried clients such as teachers, police officers, and others whose financial situations are different, but no less complex.

A Successful New York Trial Lawyer on Your Side

Each case that comes to Ellen's office, whether complex or straightforward, has one thing in common-it receives the unwavering attention of Ellen and her extremely competent team. Ellen takes the time to understand all of her client's goals and concerns. If needed, she draws on leading consultants, including mental health experts to address custody issues, and appraisers and forensic accountants to identify hidden assets. Ellen Holtzman has a record of success in litigation.

Role as a Divorce Arbitrator

Sometimes couples and their attorneys who are unable to negotiate all or part of a settlement decide to take the dispute to an arbitrator rather than a judge. The parties agree in advance to comply with the arbitrator's decision. Their respective attorneys then designate a third party, someone with deep knowledge and experience in the law and the ability to listen with a fair and open mind to the testimony presented by both parties. Of course, the most important qualities that attorneys want in the arbitrator are sound judgment and absolute judicial impartiality. There are various reasons for preferring divorce arbitration. The process is private, unlike the courts, which are open to the public. Any evidence, including financial documents and documentation prepared by professionals, such as forensic accountants or child therapists, is not available to anyone outside the process. Unlike a court case, arbitrations do not continue for months or years. Ellen Holtzman is an experienced matrimonial arbitrator. In that role, she has resolved a number of complex divorces. The attorneys who have called on her to arbitrate their cases respect Ellen's stature in the legal community as well as her extensive knowledge, her wisdom, and her ability to reach a fair and neutral decision after hearing the evidence.

Responsive Personal Attention

Ellen's clients speak of her compassion and the courtesy and respect with which she treats them. They say she never has to raise her voice to get them what they want. That is because Ellen Holtzman is a strong and successful negotiator and, when necessary, a tough and effective litigator. A member of the Rockland-Westchester Collaborative Law Group, Ellen is also trained and experienced in Collaborative Divorce Law. Collaborative Divorce Law is an innovative and increasingly popular way of getting divorced through negotiation and compromise.

Get The Facts You Need

Whether you are just beginning to think about divorce or have definitely made up your mind, you should get the facts you need to know for your particular situation. To set up a confidential consultation, call the Law Office of Ellen Holtzman at (845) 627-0127.